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A wide selection of EIA kits and ELISA kits that are calibrated to offer the highest specificity, sensitivity and reproducibility.

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Clinical Chemistry

Reliable diagnostic clinical chemistry reagents providing you with improved precision and linearity.

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Rapid One-Step Tests

Diagnostic ELISA tests which are low cost, easy to use, specific, sensitive, stable and give results in a matter of minutes.


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ELISA kit, EIA kit, enzymatic assay, clinical chemistry reagents and one-step rapid tests play a major role in investigating many human life threatening diseases

Diagnostic and immunoassay kits are routinely used in order to understand better how the human system works in both normal and cancer cells. These tests can be carried out in many bodily fluids such as serum, plasma, whole blood, urine and saliva. However, it is vital that any results obtained are compared to a standard reference which is reflecting a value that is found in healthy individuals. These assays are vital in order to determine the possible treatments required to reduce or even cure many life threatening diseases.



Major concern since it is now reaching epidemic proportions. Over the last 25 years the levels of obesity in people has more than trebled.

Obesity EIA kits Lipid function reagents


A condition when the levels of glucose in the blood remain elevated, due to the body unable to use it properly. Around 3.3 million UK people have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Diabetes EIA kits Diabetes enzyme assays
Liver Diesease

Liver Disease

One of the hardest diseases to detect because there are no obvious symptoms or signs until its fairly advanced and the liver is damaged. Affects around 2 million UK people.

Liver disease enzyme assays Liver function reagents

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease

A common disease of the heart or the blood vessels. Almost 3 million UK people are living with cardiovascular related diseases.

Cardiovascular EIA kits Cardiac function reagents Rapid cardiac tests


Causes uncontrollable growth of cells which also have the ability to invade or even move to other parts of the body. Over 100 different cancers are known to affect humans.

Tumor marker ELISA kits Rapid cancer marker tests
Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease

Caused by the action of pathogenic micro-organisms such as parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is found to kill more people worldwide that any other single cause.

Rapid infectious disease tests Infectious disease ELISA kits


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